Movement, Music and Meditation

Vibrations and Increasing Your Frequency

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration – Nikola Tesla

Saturday morning in many Australian suburban backyards produces the dulcet sound of duelling lawnmowers.  Mine is no exception.  We are blessed to have a half acre block, so this means 2 to 3 hours of pushing a petrol mower, depending on how much rain we have had.

As a mother of 3 young children I don’t get much peace and quiet, so I jump at the chance to mow our lawn.  I love it as it means having my head to myself so I can finish a thought without interruption, some good cardio exercise increasing my frequency and meditation as I listen to whatever music I want and observe my flow of thoughts.

People think that meditation means sitting in an uncomfortable position trying your hardest not to think of anything, quite the monkey mind they say.  Sit up straight and don’t let your physical body distract you they say, you will obtain enlightenment they say.  A bit bloody boring I say.  I must admit in the mornings I do meditate this way to increase my energy vibration for healing but only because it is too early to mow lawns!

This Saturday was no exception.  I donned my headphones, set my music player to random, fuelled up the mower and went for it.  Striding it out, keeping the beat to the varied tunes on my playlist, my breath steadied, and those thoughts flowed uninterrupted.  The movement of my body generating more energy, fuelled by the emotion encouraged by the music in my ears.

I was blessed to get the chance to study and practice meditation with an amazing Tibetan Buddhist monk whose preferred technique involved allowing thoughts to flow observed but without judgement, be aware of your body and breath, process the emotions and you will have enlightenment, even if only for a moment.  The moment of realisation that once you release the emotions there is no need to let them keep you trapped in the drama of the past.  Only now is important.

This Saturdays moment of enlightenment for me was, your current favourite song tells a story of where you are in your life right now.  What sort of song it is can represent if you are in harmony or disharmony.  Your favourite songs throughout your life tells a story of what has helped make you who you are now.  Tell me your favourite songs from your past and I will understand you on a deeper level, what has helped shaped you.  This is not to say that you cannot change your tune tomorrow!

From an energy healing perspective - sound is a form of energy produced and transmitted by vibrating matter, backward and forward in the direction in which the wave is travelling.  This movement is called a vibration.  Different music can increase or decrease our vibrations which sets our frequency otherwise can be known of as our emotional state.  Lower vibrations set a denser frequency which is the domain of negative emotions.  Higher vibrations set a lighter frequency, aligning with positive emotions.  When sad we feel heavy, tired and drained.  When happy we feel lighter and energised.

In moments of tragedy people throw questions to the heavens like, what did I do to deserve this or if God is good, why would He allow such suffering!  ? I don’t often hear people say the same when experiencing moments of extreme joy or gratitude. We need our ups and downs to live an incredible life. If we know not the extreme lows in life how can we fully appreciate the extreme highs available to us in this world.

 As a musician I like to compare life to a piece of music. Imagine a song with only one octave of notes, 7 notes, with 5 sharps or flats, perhaps only played with one or two instruments.  This would be a simple song, pleasant to the ears but not very exciting.  Now compare that to the experience of listening to a piece of music, composed with notes from a range of 6 octaves, played by all the varied instruments in a full orchestra or band.  A much more satisfying, moving and complex musical experience.

As I carved out the satisfyingly neat lines of manicured grass this Saturday, I reminisced through my life of musical tastes and the people that I had been influenced by which shaped who am I today.  This was a journey of laughter, contemplation, love, tears, melancholy and exuberance all whilst mowing my lawn.  The neighbours now have proof I’m a nutter, but it is none of my business what music other people listen to in their own heads!

Movement creates energy

Music is the experience of energy

Meditation enhances energy

Thanks to all people in my life for giving me such an amazing playlist of memories and emotions, blessing me with an exhilarating roller coaster of a life, full of ups and downs and twists and turns.  Thanks to my husband who keeps my soundtrack in harmony as best he can, supporting me through the entire range of octaves I can find in life.  Thanks lastly to my children, my roadies and biggest fans who drive me to this escape of the Saturday lawn mow allowing these moments of enlightenment!

Disclaimer – what you read here is not meant to promote, judge or offend anyone but myself.  I write to share my experiences, in the hope of encouraging people to think outside the box or even to throw the whole box away!  I use humour as therapy so please keep my warped sense of humour in mind as you read and take my opinions as mine alone.  I hope you take away something positive and thought provoking from my writing.  Please feel free to contact me through Facebook (Mind Your Matter Healing) or my website (  to discuss any topic further.

In no way do I profess to give medical advice and if you are feeling triggered with mental health issues please seek professional assistance.  I work holistically alongside doctors and mental health practitioners, never advocating to replace them.