Energy Therapy – Ethics, Efficacy and Side Effects

Ethics, Efficacy and Side Effects

Blog post 17th March 2018

Energy Therapy comes in many forms, using various techniques and formalised as different modalities under which people can become accredited.  The use of energy is both ancient and modern, scientific and spiritual, formal and informal.  Life is based on opposites, light and dark, good and bad.  Personally, I believe we focus too much on the duality of life, when we really need to appreciate the unity.  Two halves make the whole.  Energy therapy to me is the perfect unity of science and spirit.

I will speak here of my own experience and use of energy rather than try to summarise the entire scope of energy therapy.  This is a blog, not a hall of records.  As Energy Therapy grows in popularity I believe it is a pertinent time for people to be made aware of the power and intricacies of consciously dealing with energy as it is a therapy not to be taken lightly.  We should never blindly follow others advice or take any medicine offered to you without some thought of consequences.  Often when people turn to alternate medicine like Energy Therapies, they are coming in desperation.  This can make people vulnerable and less responsible in their haste.  Energy Therapy should not be seen as a quick fix or used as a magic trick.  It must be respected and utilised responsibly for it to be effective and safe for both the practitioner and the client.


Please research or get to know your Energy Therapist personally before you give them permission to work with you.  We will come with all sorts of labels (healers, therapist, practitioners, facilitators) born knowing of our abilities or schooled in them later in life.  We will work hands on, remotely or both.  Energy therapy can involve concepts that many people do not think of or encompass in their everyday life so ask questions to ensure you are comfortable with what is going on. 

Energy Therapy is so effective because it deals with the person holistically by which I mean body, mind and spirit.  I can explain my work from a scientific, psychological or spiritual aspect or all three, depending on your core belief system.  I ask my clients questions before I start working with them to ensure I am aware of anything that needs to be considered.  I also talk to my clients before I start about how I will work on them, what feelings to expect and agree on a way they can feel safe to tell me through the process if they feel comfortable with what I am doing and that we can stop at any time.

Energy Therapists can be informal or formal in their operations.  Some work from home with no formal qualifications using the amazing scope of the internet to connect with people.  Others have therapy rooms and qualifications, many use both.  Some charge for their services and some do not.  Just because someone charges, does not mean they are not coming from a good place.  We have bills too but most will not turn away someone in need because they cannot afford it.  Personally, I do both.  I do free healings at home when I have no overheads or when I know the person is in need and cannot afford the fee I charge.  I do prefer to work in person and I have separate commercial therapy rooms to operate from for my own safety.  For this I have overheads, such as rent, training, qualifications, insurance, association membership etc. etc.


Everyone responds to Energy Therapy differently, as we do with traditional medicine.  Of course, there is an expectation that most of what we do works and can be repeated, or it would not be effective enough for people to trust it as a therapy.  There are always many factors to take into account when setting your expectations as to the efficacy of any therapy.  Many Energy Therapist use a few different modalities or techniques to ensure they can help you on all levels of body, mind and spirit.

I will explain briefly (without going into detail, just ask me and I will try to explain at another time though) two types of energy therapy I utilise for healing as an example.  I may use them singularly but mostly in tandem depending on what is most effective for the client at the time.

To deal with an issue purely physical I will use a technique based on quantum science, backed by spirit to work directly with the body’s cells or the entire energy field so they repair themselves.  This can help with pain, swelling, skin repair, nerve issues, immediate injuries, and physical consequences of deeper issues explained next.  This is not always effective if the physical problem is mainly caused by something other than a physical issue. If I can compare it to a rubber band.  You can pull it, stretch it and attach it to a hook, but it always wants to spring back.  If the hook gets bumped or dislodged your back to where you started.  Sometimes a little worn for the experience.

The main technique I use is based on a modality called Kinesiology or Kinergetics.  It uses muscle testing to access the subconscious to ascertain exactly where the energetic imbalance is causing the problem to be dealt with.  This healing is most powerful when it includes emotions which can cause dense energy that stops the natural flow resulting in physical symptoms.  For example, if you suffered a trauma involving fear when you were 10 this opens a file in your system.  Every time you experience something similar that file gets fuller, eventually it will overflow and need to be sorted out.  Metaphysics has found that emotions are stored in various parts of the body and once you capture the priority emotion you can then find where to clear the energetic imbalance, which could be in an organ, muscle, gland, chakra, aura, meridian or even a belief system.  Energy is then channelled to help the imbalance allowing the bodies natural flow to resume and the body then heals itself.

Our wellness journey, whether it be with traditional medicine or alternate therapies must include some self-responsibility and ownership.  I am not saying that all health problems are someone’s fault, there is no such thing as fault, only facts and truths and sometimes these can be as hard to swallow as a fist full of pills and doctors’ bills.  I mean no judgement here and use the following purely as some exaggerated examples……You cannot continue to go to the doctor, taking diabetes medication, munching on chocolate washed down by soft drink, watching TV all day and miraculously expect to get better.  Nor can you go to a psychologist to fix your stress levels caused by working two jobs, caring for your in-laws, living in an unhappy marriage after growing up in an abusive household without looking at some hard truths and making some changes to your mindset and lifestyle.

Side Effects

Energy Therapy is extremely effective and can often assist with issues that have modern medicine and mental health practitioners stumped.  The power in it is that it is dealing with the holistic human, not just looking at biological and chemical reactions but what underlies all that…. energy.  We are energetic beings and it doesn’t matter where you believe it starts, an electrical spark, universal energy, spirit, god, science.  It has been the unexplainable since the beginning of time, but the more science develops the more it has the technology to explain this mysterious world. 

The power in Energy Therapy is hard to believe until you experience it. Knowledge is important, so you know what to expect as it is so different to what we know.  Some people are more responsive to it than others, the more you work with it the more sensitive you become.  When you allow someone to work with your energy it is on such a deep level it can stir up and result in physical, mental and emotional reactions. 

Physically, when sending and receiving energy the practitioner and the client can feel heat, cold, tingling, pain, flutters, drawing sensations, rocking, swaying, twitching, jerking, shaking, gas, sleep or nothing!  It may be spectacular or weird or just beautifully relaxing.  You may feel these sensations in areas of the body that are being worked on and this should be forewarned before it happens.  Communication between practitioner and client throughout the process is key to the success and comfort of the experience.

Mentally, when you allow someone into your energy field you ultimately have a clearer mind to access your subconscious and your higher self or spirit.  In some cases, there can be an occurrence I would refer to as the universal consciousness experience.  A skilled and responsible practitioner ensures that they do not process or acknowledge thoughts from their client or messages from spirit unless that is part of their service to you.  If that is the case, it should have been explained to you in the beginning that the practitioner may be clairvoyant or helping to release suppressed memories or the like.

Emotionally you may experience a release in the form of crying, laughing, fear, peace depending on what you are working on.  It could be intense or mild, but your practitioner should be skilled in counselling you through this as quickly and comfortably as possible.  Effective Energy Therapy is only possible when the practitioner comes from a place of highest good, compassion and unconditional love.  You may take on these feelings and innocently get confused as to where these emotions come from or what to do with them.  This should be cleared from you before your session is over, so your emotions are purely yours to walk away with.
As you can see, the practitioner has great responsibility to ensure you leave them safe with your own physical, mental and emotional space intact.  They should have a procedure to clear themselves completely from their client for both parties’ sake.  The practitioner can become unwell if they hold onto their client’s energetic field or do not act purely as a channel for the energy exchange.  The client is in a very vulnerable state and must be protected from leaving with any residual or ungrounded energy from the procedure.

There may be other side effects such as feeling tired, thirsty, light headed, toxin release through normal elimination systems (increased or strong urination, slight diarrhoea) and possibly some symptoms can get worse before they get better.  If emotions have been stirred up it is recommended that you have someone to talk to when you get home.  Your practitioner should give you some self-care instructions if they expect anything to arise and again and open line of communication is important.  You should feel comfortable to contact them to discuss anything you are concerned about.  Energy shifts and changes with your environment so you may need one or quite a few sessions for your issues to be completely balanced.

In summary, Energy Therapy is extremely effective and powerful and like anything we do must be taken on rationally and responsibly.  It can be the miracle cure many hope it to be but not always.  There will always be accidents and illnesses and I am not sure we are in control of everything or there is a universal plan, karma or any of these sorts of ideas.  I do believe strongly in mind over matter, positive. compassionate and constructive thought.  We must remember our everyday health and happiness is most often in our own hands.  Decide every moment to be the best person you can be and forgive yourself when you are not.  Compassion for ourselves and others can sometimes be the best medicine.

Disclaimer – what you read here is not meant to promote, judge or offend anyone but myself.  I write to share my experiences, in the hope of encouraging people to think outside the box or even to throw the whole box away!  I use humour as therapy so please keep my warped sense of humour in mind as you read and take my opinions as mine alone.  I hope you take away something positive and thought provoking from my writing.  Please feel free to contact me through Facebook (Mind Your Matter Healing) or my website (  to discuss any topic further.

In no way do I profess to give medical advice and if you are feeling triggered with mental health issues please seek professional assistance.  I work holistically alongside doctors and mental health practitioners, never advocating to replace them.