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We all can heal ourselves but sometimes we need someone to hold space for us so we have the room to remember how

We all can heal ourselves but sometimes we need someone to hold space for us so we have the room to remember how


My nearly 83 year old mother has been having work done with Fiona. Mum had very little balance and walked some what like a drunk after a very severe pressure sore on her lower back caused during treatment for cancer. After several surgeries her muscles were damaged. With Fiona's help Mum is walking with a spring in her step now and seems to be a lot happier.  I also have had some sessions too as I suffer severe pain from fibromyalgia.  I walk out feeling like a new person.  Thankyou Fiona for the incredible work you do.  I would not hesitate to recommend this magical healing.

- Barbie 

I'm a teenage girl with Autism. Working with Fiona has helped me by making me feel more stable. It has made it easier for me to open up to others. The sessions make me feel safer and much calmer so that I can cope better

- Tahli

Working with Fiona has helped me find balance. I've recently opened up doors to past life memories which has been a nice experience. I'm currently working with her on my body and deep rooted issues with self sabotage which is an extremely exciting prospect!

- Tanya

Fiona's Kinesiology treatments for my soft tissue damage in my knee and ankle have really helped with my pain flare ups.  I have also had relief from pain in the side of my face from grinding my teeth in my sleep

- Damien

Fiona has worked with me for remote healing and has not only has she worked with healing she has brought knowledge of how to heal myself, she has also has been a spiritual counsellor and has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally. Fiona is priceless and doing work with her remotely will not only improve your health but your quality of life

- Brian

My family thanks you Fiona for our peaceful household.  After working on my 8 year old daughter for anxiety we are all calmer and able to communicate with each other better as you have helped us understand how our stresses can affect us all physically as well as emotionally.  So glad to have found you

– Helen and family

I feel like I have a new body! After finding you and the treatment you gave me I have been walking around pain free and light as a feather.  I had a bad car accident causing back and neck pain.  With your gentle treatment my whole body has released the tension and no more stomach altering pain medications for me!

– Susan

Thanks Fi for your help with my ankle pain.  I have been unable to walk without a limp and pain after injuring it running 3 months ago.  After your treatment I am now pain free and back to exercising

– Jackie

I have now been without headaches for 2 months after seeing you for a balance.  I had been suffering daily headaches for 4 weeks and I was amazed how you were able to find the cause of them in my jaw after a long dental treatment.  My bite is also improved.  Thank you!

– Lisa

What a relief you have given me Fi.  I have had stomach and bowel issues for much of my life and after your balances my systems now work properly.  I never thought I would have such relief

– Jenny

If you are in an emergency or at immediate risk of harm to yourself or others, please contact emergency services on 000.  Other services include:

Lifeline - 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service - 1300 659 467

Beyond Blue Support Service - 1300 224 636


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