Vibrational Therapy and Energy Healing


Vibrational Therapy and Energy Healing is being utilised, discussed and researched increasingly in these times of modern day stresses and chronic illnesses and they are used along side modern medicine to help achieve deep long lasting healing and harmony in peoples lives.  There are many different modalities under the umbrella of Vibrational Therapy and Energy Healing such as Integrated Healing, Kinesiology, Reiki, Acupuncture/Accupressure, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing to name a few. 

Energy Healing summarily works with the flow of energy through our physical and subtle energy systems so our biological, chemical, mechanical, and electrical systems are in harmony allowing our bodies to heal themselves.

Energetic healing more often than not is able to identify issues or emotions that can manifest as physical pain, disease, chronic illness, mental illness, emotional or spiritual issues.  It is becoming more accepted that our bodies have their own electromagnetic fields and many believe it can store emotions and belief systems, all which have differing electrical charges some denser than others.  When an emotion is not permitted to be felt, processed and released at the time of stress or trauma it can be held in our subtle bodies as an energetic memory making it difficult for our life force energy to flow naturally through our many interconnected systems. 

Energy flowing through our meridians, organs, glands, muscles and all the way to the quantum world within each cell I believe, is the key to optimum health and a joyous, peaceful and fulfilling life. 

This gift of life we have been given and the bodies we utilise are beyond amazing in their intricacies.  Vibrational Therapy and Energy Healing works holistically with the understanding that mind, body and spirit should be in harmony and to know with confidence that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. 

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I use a combination of modalities, muscle testing and intuition to analyse and balance energy. Throughout my life I have had a strong connection to source energy and have channelled this for hands on and remote therapy to help others and myself.

I am an Integrated Healing and Usui Master Reiki practitioner. I also utilise Kinergetics, Reset, Sound Healing and Blue Ray Healing.

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